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As the cannabis industry has moved away from vertical integration due to associated costs and capabilities that are necessary in this model, many companies have lost their control of the cannabis production chain. Leading product distribution and innovation in the pharmaceutical compounding space since 1989, Medisca offers a unique opportunity for cannabis companies, ranging from start-ups to multistate operators, that are looking to bring production in-house, reduce costs, and mitigate risk.


From our tested and studied delivery systems, to dispensing devices and laboratory supplies, pharma know-how on procedures, to the game-changing Medisca MAZ® technology - we are here to scale your business, improve efficiencies, reintroduce control, and bring stability that will set you up for the future.

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“The Medisca MAZ has changed the way we blend, create, diversify and operate our business. We have reduced our R&D time and cost by over 60% using this innovative machine."

Kelly Ann Lewis-Bortman

Founder & President, Covalent Custom Cannabinoids

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