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A valued Medisca partner, LP3 Network is a global leader in continuing healthcare education serving trusted professionals across diverse wellness disciplines with comprehensive, customised, and convenient learning opportunities since 2003. Through education we can bridge the gaps in healthcare.

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Averaging 20+ years of experience, in owning and operating compounding pharmacies, serving as directors of hospital pharmacies, acting as chief medical officers, functioning PCAB/ACHC and JCAHO surveyors – the educational facilitators bring a wealth of expertise.


At LP3 Network, we take great pride in our distinguished ACPE Joint Provider Accreditation status. Through strategic collaborations with accredited organisations, we deliver exceptional educational content that exceeds the rigorous standard set by the profession of pharmacy
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Our collaborations strengthen our diverse programs and enhance accessibility to education, to advance professional development worldwide.

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Pauline A. D’Chiutiis

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