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Conveniently packaged in a searchable format with quick access to associated formulas and validated stability-indicating studies conducted by third party institutions - our beyond-use-date (BUD) library provides reassurance on the stability of commonly prepared compounded medications including pediatric oral liquids, hormone creams, analgesic creams, hair care foams, and more.

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controlled substance= Controlled substance
* Preparation compounded using commercial drug product (ex. tablet, capsule, sterile powder for injection)
Disclaimer: This data is provided for informational purposes only, representing the results of a study of the product stability with various active pharmaceutical ingredients. For further information on packaging, please refer to the actual formula. This document does not serve, and may not be construed, as a representation or guarantee of product performance. In all cases, the practitioner is advised to consult recognized pharmaceutical compendia and other recognized sources for product formulation and other product characteristics, including stability. MEDISCA and its affiliates make no warranties or representations with regards to the functioning or appropriateness of this product in any compounded formulation, the use of which is solely at the discretion and liability of the practitioner. It is the responsibility of the pharmacist or other appropriately state licensed professional to verify the accuracy and validity of the information contained herein, with regards to scheduling, federal and state/provincial laws allowing the use of the formulas, products and final compounds in the country of use.

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