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Medisca retains position as industry leader and innovator for planetary mixers via its patent portfolio

Plattsburgh, New York – SEPTEMBER  22, 2020: MEDISCA retains position as industry leader and innovator for planetary mixers via its patent portfolio. 

MEDISCA, a global leader in the personalized pharmaceutical industry, has announced that the revolutionary compounding technology, repurposed and optimized over a seven-year period, is available exclusively from MEDISCA, and, therefore, MEDISCA is actively taking steps to inform its competitors about MEDISCA’s expanding patent portfolio relating to its MAZ mixers.

The MAZ mixer, a technology pioneered and patented by MEDISCA, allows for compounding pharmacists and other medical professionals to mix medications quickly and effectively, while creating uniformity and accuracy in dosing. Prior to launching the product, MEDISCA spent two years researching asymmetrical technology and best practices for compounding pharmacy needs. After successfully implementing and developing proprietary know-how, MEDISCA spent five years rigorously testing and troubleshooting hundreds of formulas, in order to properly integrate this technology into compounding pharmacy.

There are several key elements that differentiate the MAZ mixer from other planetary mixers on the market, including the ability to melt the contents during the mixing process.  More importantly, MEDISCA believes that the years of research, ongoing innovation, investment and commitment made for the MAZ mixer has resulted in a quality product that is a class of its own.

“When a client buys a product from MEDISCA, they can expect exceptional quality, unparalleled customer service, and problem-solving innovation,” said Panagiota Danopoulos, Senior Vice President at MEDISCA. “We are flattered to see that our competitors have recently recognized the incredible benefit and utility of the planetary mixing technology of the MAZ mixer, and we hope that our clients will continue to seek more innovative products they have come to expect from MEDISCA.”

MEDISCA has made it a strategic priority to build its patent portfolio to protect its key innovations and product investments, including the MAZ mixer, and it will take the necessary steps to prevent competitors from copying and/or infringing the MAZ product’s patented functionalities.   MEDISCA has several other patents that it expects to be granted in the next year or two in Canada and USA, in order to continue to protect additional and unique functionalities that meet pharmacists’ needs, while also continuing to build and protect its market position.


Medisca is a global corporation with locations throughout North America, Australia, and Europe, that contributes to healthcare by leveraging strong partnerships that deliver customized solutions with an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Backed by 30+ years and a strong foundation in pharmaceutical compounding supply, Medisca is a business-to-business company that delivers comprehensive offerings by providing value, consistency, responsiveness, and loyalty. As Partners in Wellness, Medisca offers an unfailing devotion to improving lives across a multitude of needs and people. For more information visit www.medisca.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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Director of Communication



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