Nutraceuticals Compounding Laboratory Training

Nutraceuticals Compounding Laboratory Training

By offering patients personalised dietary supplement solutions tailored to their unique nutritional and physiological needs, your practice can access the emerging niche market of nutraceuticals. With more and more health-conscious patients, nutraceutical compounding provides a means to deliver natural ingredients. One clear benefit is that nutraceuticals can be compounded across a variety of dosage forms: topical creams and gels, oral liquids, rapid-dissolve tablets, oral disintegrating tablets, oral capsules, oral gummy gels, and effervescent formulations.

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  • Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 5 mg Oral Rapid-Dissolve Tablets
  • Calcium Citrate 711 mg/7.5 mL, Magnesium Citrate 619 mg/7.5 mL Oral Effervescent Powder Blend for Reconstitution
  • Biotin 2 mg, CollaSil® OSA 150 mg Oral Capsules


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