Hormone Restoration Therapy Seminar: Advanced Clinical Practice

Hormone Restoration Therapy Seminar: Advanced Clinical Practice

Extending on foundational concepts taught in the two-day seminar Functional and Personalised Hormone Restoration Therapy: The Fundamentals , this course delves further into the clinical application and practice of personalised hormone restoration therapy. In this clinically based course, participants will be presented eight case studies that cover complex and unique hormone-related conditions and abnormalities.

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Extending on fundamental concepts taught in the two-day seminar, Functional and Personalised Hormone Restoration Therapy, this course aims to delve even further into the clinical application and practice of personalised hormone restoration therapy. In this clinically based course, participants will be presented eight case studies that cover complex and unique hormone-related conditions and abnormalities, including:

  • Estrogen metabolism issues
  • End-stage adrenal dysfunction
  • Gastrointestinal dysfunctions
  • Menopause
  • Anxiety
  • Food allergies
  • Estrogen dominance
  • Male hormone imbalance

For each case, participants will be asked to work through comprehensive patient data including detailed symptom assessments, patient and family history, current and past interventions, hormone evaluations, methylation profiles, genetic testing, allergy panels, nutritional evaluations, and gastrointestinal profiles among more. Patient data will also be presented over a timeline with repeat follow-ups, establishing a thorough and complete assessment of the case at hand. Participants will be encouraged to take an integrative and functional approach by addressing the underlying cause of the hormonal abnormality. In doing so, participants will gain a strong appreciation of the need for personalization in hormone restoration and will learn how to appropriately prescribe and/or develop customised therapeutics.

With Dr. Tara D. Scott, MD, FACOG, FAAFM, ABOIM, NCMP as facilitator and subject-matter expert, participants will gain unparalleled expert advice in the niche field of personalised hormone restoration therapy. By having attended LP3 Network’s two-day prerequisite seminar, participants will already possess the foundational knowledge and tools required to work through these cases, allowing for nearly exclusive time spent on practical case assessments. This interactive program will provide healthcare practitioners with the unique opportunity to collaborate and produce patient-centered treatment regimens that take into consideration patient-specific needs and pharmaceutical compounding principles (e.g., dosage strength adjustment, alternate dosage form, unique drug combinations, etc.). Through group discussions, participants will further their competency and proficiency in hormone restoration therapy and develop the skills and knowledge needed to optimize therapeutic outcome


Live In-Person 6 hours Seminar that allows you to collaborate with fellow healthcare providers and subject-matter experts through interactive group discussions.


  • Physicians*
  • Naturopathic Doctors*
  • Pharmacists*

*Attendees are required to have completed the two-day seminar, “Functional and Personalized Hormone Restoration Therapy.” This advanced course is intended to expand practical skills in clinical hormone restoration therapy by building upon foundational knowledge taught in the two-day prerequisite course.



  • Nurse Practitioners


  1. Apply a functional and systems-oriented approach to assess causation of hormone abnormalities.
  2. Interpret comprehensive patient data including symptom reviews, medical history, past and current interventions, patient monitoring and follow-ups, and biological assays (e.g., hormone evaluations, methylation and genetic profiles, nutritional evaluations, and gastrointestinal assays, among others) to appropriately diagnose and evaluate the root cause of the hormone condition.
  3. Utilize and apply fundamental concepts in endocrine physiology and pathology.
  4. Evaluate patient cases that include complex hormone-related abnormalities, including estrogen metabolism issues, end-stage adrenal dysfunctions, gastrointestinal dysfunctions, menopause, anxiety, food allergies, and male hormone imbalances.
  5. Formulate personalised hormone treatment regimens tailored to patient-specific needs.
  6. Integrate principles of pharmaceutical compounding to optimize and customise pharmacotherapy.


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