Hair Care Compounding Laboratory Training

Hair Care Compounding Laboratory Training

In this laboratory training, participants will be exposed to detailed procedures required to uphold exceptional compounding quality in the niche area of hair care therapy. With the implementation of innovative technologies and techniques, compounders will leave this course with the tools and knowledge needed to further their compounding practice.

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Whether treating thinning hair, hair loss, or scalp conditions, medicated shampoos and foams are effective solutions that target the local issue at hand with minimal or no systemic influence. While active ingredients play an important role, the use of functional bases that contain cosmetic active ingredients permit synergistic actions that ultimately enhance therapeutic effect. Commercially available scalp lotions are limited in scope and can be difficult to apply. Compounded preparations using foam bases or dispensers with foaming capabilities can increase drug contact with the scalp, resulting in positive therapeutic outcomes. Not only are foams and shampoos effective at delivering active ingredients to the scalp, they can be dispensed in pharmaceutically elegant packaging that is easy for patients to apply and cosmetically appealing.


  • Coal Tar Solution 5%, Salicylic Acid 2% Topical Shampoo
  • Minoxidil 3%, Tretinoin 0.025% Topical Foam
  • Biotin 2 mg, Collasil 150 mg Oral Capsules
Note: Formulas are subject to change.



Full attendance and participation is required to receive a Certificate of Attainment.


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