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Compounding Safety and Quality Control

Why Is Quality Control So Important?

The importance of quality control within the pharmaceutical industry should not be understated. This is especially true when it comes to pharmaceutical compounding; with various medications being compounded on a daily basis, compounding pharmacists understand that poor quality control can lead to possible malpractice claims against their business and potentially fatal health risks for their patients. While there are many safety protocols to follow, pharmacists understand that it is equally imperative to deal with ingredients and supplies of only the highest quality.

What Measures Does MEDISCA Take To Ensure Quality Control?

Since our inception in 1989, the MEDSICA brand has always placed great emphasis on quality and it remains as one of our guiding principles today. We focus on quality by:

  • The way we design our facilities located around the world
  • Hiring the best most experienced people to come work here every day
  • Making quality is the responsibility of everyone who works at MEDISCA
  • Taking great pride in providing compounding pharmacists with security of supply and the highest quality active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)



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