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Advancing cannabis manufacturing with the Medisca MAZ® mixer


The cannabis space is rapidly expanding — always looking for new ways to streamline production, increase profit margins, and improve quality. The introduction of MAZ® mixing technology to the industry enables businesses to growth hack their production capabilities by merging pharmaceutical precision with cannabis manufacturing.

By bringing the manufacturing process in-house, it is now possible for businesses to transition from simply white labeling to production, with decreased R&D times, lower overhead, and higher precision in the final product.

The benefits the Medisca MAZ mixing technology brings to the cannabis industry

By reducing reliance on third-party services and optimizing production processes, the MAZ mixer enables businesses to lower production costs per unit, improving overall profitability and sustainability.

Specifically, the MAZ mixer transforms cannabis manufacturing operations by allowing you to:

  1. Homogenize distillates and creams
  2. Melt gelatin bases (patent No. 10,993,876 and 10,231,903)
  3. Reduce particle size of dried flowers
  4. Deaerate and purge solvents
  5. Mix directly in the dispenser with the MAZ adapters (patent No. 11,096,864, 10,420,705, 10,765,600, 11,090,224, 11,612,866, 10,231,903, and 10,993,876)
  6. Powder infusion — patent pending

A MAZ mixer scaled for any size

With a minor investment in a smaller machine, businesses can implement the technology with tested SOPs and the MAZ support team. In addition, the MAZ technology allows you to quickly scale to a larger device as you see the financial returns.

This scalability ensures that companies can meet growing customer demands without compromising product quality or consistency.

Accurate dosing with the MAZ mixer

By utilizing the bladeless mixing capabilities of the MAZ mixer to produce various products such as oils, gummies, topicals, capsules, and more, businesses can ensure precise dosing and consistency due to the homogeneity of the compounds produced.

The advanced precision technology of the MAZ mixer also addresses the issue of "hot spots" in edibles, which can lead to unpredictable and potentially harmful effects for consumers. By avoiding these inconsistencies, the MAZ technology can support their efforts to maintain compliance.

Future-Proofing operations

The flexibility of the MAZ technology can be leveraged to experiment with new formulations and create unique product offerings with significantly reduced R&D costs compared to conventional methods. This ability to customize products and respond quickly to consumer trends can lead to increased market competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, by lowering overall costs and bringing manufacturing in-house, cannabis companies that implement MAZ technology can better navigate market price fluctuations and industry uncertainties.

Medisca MAZ mixing technology offers a unique opportunity for cannabis companies, ranging from start-ups to multistate operators, who are looking to bring production in-house, reduce costs, and mitigate risk. Book your personalized demo today.

* Medisca does not supply cannabis nor its derivatives. Medisca makes no representations regarding the legality of any uses of the MAZ mixer in connection with the processing of cannabis. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the customer to be knowledgeable of the prohibitions and legal requirements attendant to the use of cannabis in their respective jurisdiction and to abide by any such legal restrictions. The use of the MAZ mixer is at the sole risk and responsibility of the customer.

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