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Nutraceutical Therapy – A Functional and Integrative Approach


Nutraceutical therapy has been shown to contribute significantly to an individual’s overall health. Indeed, the use of nutraceuticals has been associated with positive outcomes across nearly all physiological systems, including immunology, neurology, mental health, orthopaedics, cosmetics, obstetrics, cancer and other pathologies, among much more. With advances in molecular biology and genetics, nutrient and health relations are beginning to be teased apart. Over the past few decades, an abundance of scientific data has emerged highlighting the important and essential role nutrients play in cellular and epigenetic signalling. Understanding the mechanisms of nutrient actions will allow healthcare providers to better assess nutrient deficiencies and appropriately target nutraceutical interventions.

In this live event course, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of nutrient signalling with particular emphasis on nutrient roles in methylation and epigenetic processes. Connections between methylation pathways, nutrient involvement, and the presence/absence of pathology will be made. After acquiring a foundational knowledge on nutrient molecular mechanisms, participants will assess detailed patient data, including prior medical history, familial history, differential diagnoses, lifestyle behaviours, signs and symptoms, biological assays, among much more. Participants will be encouraged to take a functional and integrative approach towards nutraceutical medicine that involves addressing the underlying cause of disease. In doing so, participants will learn about the need for customised nutraceutical therapeutics.

This program will allow pharmacists and healthcare providers with the unique opportunity to collaborate to produce patient-centred treatment regimens tailored to the individual. In attending the program, participants will leave with the confidence and knowledge required for effective and optimal nutraceutical medicine.


Pharmacists and healthcare providers engaged in nutraceutical treatment options for methylation disorders


A live event with case studies.


  1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of epigenetic and methylation processes.
  2. Evaluate scientific data and findings on the relation between aberrant methylation and common pathologies.
  3. Recognise the important and necessary role of nutrients in methylation pathways.
  4. Identify the individualised nature of nutrient and methylation profiles and the need for personalised nutraceutical therapy.
  5. Examine and develop an understanding of treatment options for methylation disorders including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Alzheimer’s Disease, Anxiety, Depression and Heavy Metal Toxicity.
  6. Analyse comprehensive patient cases, including prior medical history, familial history, differential diagnoses, lifestyle behaviours, signs and symptoms, laboratory test results, current and past pharmacotherapeutic and supplementation treatments.
  7. Develop alternative and customised therapeutic regimens tailored to patient-specific needs.
  8. Recognise and understand regulations surrounding nutraceutical therapy
  9. Understand the bases and technologies which are appropriate when compounding nutraceutical medications.


Upon completion of the activity, participants are able to record self-directed learning. This activity has not been officially accredited for CPD credits.



B.Pharm, GradCertPharmPrac, Technical Support Services Representative, Medisca Australia


B. Pharm, CPD Coordinator and Compounding Pharmacist, Medisca Australia


Dr Lily Tomas, MD, MBBS (UNSW), RACGP

Dr Lily Tomas is an Integrative Medical Doctor practicing on the Sapphire Coast in NSW, Australia with over 20 years’ experience in treating all aspects of Health. Dr Tomas is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) and Past President of the Australian Integrative Medical Association (AIMA). Dr Tomas was the founding Editor of Advances in Integrative Medicine, Elsevier. Dr Tomas has also had the pleasure of lecturing at many renowned organizations and associations, including AIMA, ACNEM, Australasian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A5M), Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association (ALMA), BioBalance Health Australia, MINDD Foundation, Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA), University of Western Sydney- Medicine Faculty, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), and the McGrath Foundation- Breast Cancer.

Patricia Ullmann, B Pharm

Patricia Ullmann is a registered pharmacist with broad experience in community pharmacy and in compounding pharmacy since the 1990s. She has spent 15 years as pharmacist-in-charge at one of Australia’s most successful and pioneering compounding pharmacies. Her experience includes the implementation of laboratory standard operating procedures; regulatory compliance; brand promotion and marketing strategies; patient counselling; collaboration with physicians and other health care professionals; and people policies/practices.

Patricia has been a member of the TGA’s Pharmacy Manufacturing Technical Working Group. She has contributed to reviews of compounding in Professional Practice Standards and in Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary and Handbook (PSA). She has been published in articles of the Australian Journal of Pharmacy and is currently a Joint Chair of the Australian Society of Compounding Pharmacists.

Since 2012, Patricia has been the CPD coordinator/editor and compounding pharmacist at Medisca Australia, where she is the Manager of Training and Technical Services

Daniel Shirt

Mr. Shirt is a Business Development Executive at MEDISCA Australia specializing in providing pharmacists and pharmacy owners with the tools they need to expand and create awareness about their compounding practice. Prior to his current role, Mr. Shirt gained valuable skills in pharmaceutical compounding sales and business strategies as an Account Executive at MEDISCA Australia. Throughout the years, Mr. Shirt has worked closely with a number of community pharmacies throughout the New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory and has personally participated in the growth and development of their compounding practice.


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Full attendance and the completion of an activity evaluation and practical skill set competency evaluation are a compulsory requirement to achieve a certificate of attendance for the live event.


It is a requirement that full disclosure of conflicts of interest be made available to participants. This activity is independent of any known bias, prejudice or commercial interest. Both MEDISCA Australia and LP3 Network Inc. assist with the marketing of this activity. LP3 Network Inc. is an independent corporation. LP3 Network Inc. has an established agreement with MEDISCA Australia ensuring that it has no influence on LP3 Network Inc. as it relates to activity offerings.


An unrestricted educational grant for this activity has been provided by MEDISCA Inc.


Special rates for hotel accommodations have been arranged for activity participants. Payment for hotel accommodations is at the expense of the activity participant.


As a matter of activity programming, meals and refreshments during live activities have been provided by MEDISCA Australia.


A written request must be sent to MEDISCA Australia requesting a ‘cancellation without transfer’ to an alternate live activity event date. If cancellation occurs at greater than or equal to 31 days from the live activity event date, then the registrant will receive a 75% refund; 15- 30 days is a 50% refund; and less than or equal to 14 days will result in no refund.


The transfer policy is only in effect if requested greater than or equal to 14 days prior to original live activity event date. Failure to submit the “transfer request” at least 14 days prior to original live activity event date will default to the “cancellation and refund policy”. The transfer policy can only be applied one (1) time. Transfer to a new live activity event date must be within the current calendar year. Failure to attend the new live activity event will result in no refund and will no longer be transferable. Confirmation of the new activity date is subject to approval by MEDISCA Australia based on the number of available seats within the selected live activity event.



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